Thousands of dollars can be saved for Chapel Trail Owners.

Governing Documents consist of in Chapel Trail Master Association. What violations need to be cited or violated and what does not! What board members should know and what attorneys should know. This is in the CTOA Documents.

Q. What are the Governing Documents of CTOA?
A. “Chapel Trail Documents” mean in the aggregate the Declaration, any Supplement(s), any Plat(s), all replats thereof, any Neighborhood Covenants, these Articles and the Bylaws, the Rules and all of the instruments and documents referred to therein or referred to herein, including, but not limited to, amendments to any of the foregoing, as applicable.

Q. What is the responsibility of the master association?
A. To enforce by legal means the obligations of the Members and the provisions of the Chapel Trail Documents.

So who is a member of CTOA? Here is the kicker and problem with CTOA issuing violations! Owners are not members! Owners are the 17 Neighborhoods. I know this is pretty deep for most, if not all board members. Want to save thousands of dollars of excess funds? Just have the members pay the master assessment. Now that would be a hefty savings to the owners. Just like the hefty savings of the bulk agreement. Isn’t that 50% or so of the going rate?

All management would have to do is collect and deposit 17 checks either monthly or quarterly. That cuts accounting fees, collection fees, attorney fees to almost zero dollars, not to mention several other high dollar fees. The local Neighborhoods already have the same processes in place to collect assessments.

Your home is at risk with the new Chapel Trail fining process.

There is confusion in the ranks.

Some of the CTOA Board Members think the implementation of the new “all or nothing” fining process is fair and workable. Perhaps the thought is good intentions for the community but mostly it is a naive process.

With 40 – $1,000 fines sent out in the first month we shall soon hear about it from homeowners. If you live in Chapel Trail it is important that you log into your account and check both violations and account payments at the official Chapel Trail Web Site. The process is also in the Documents Section.

Missed $150 HOA payment has family fighting for home