Nextdoor Website and Facebook page is available for all 17 Communities in Chapel Trail.

Several residents, tired of not having a website dedicated to the full community have banded together to established a package connecting all the 17 Neighborhoods together at an information site for all owners in Chapel Trail. This is not an “official” web site but was created because of the change in hosting companies and degradation of the site.


Facebook page for Neighbors in
Chapel Trail.

Xfinity Cable Receivers will be available to all Parcel/Unit Owners in Chapel Trail

The latest and greatest Cable TV will be available to all 3,676 homes in the community. The proposed start date is June 2016. Comcast is to visit all homes on an appointment basis to insure your wiring is up to certain standards to accommodate the latest equipment from Comcast – who now owns NBC and affiliates. The existing Showtime premium channel will be replaced by HBO at the soon to be announced start date. Additional information is available to the private log-in website at That is the official website of the association.